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Reimagining my Innovation Plan and the Why?

As a student in the DLL program at Lamar , an innovation plan and its implementation in the setting of my professional organization are a big part of the learning and leading activities of my coursework. However, I have undergone a change in my professional role since I entered the DLL program: I had been a high school teacher for 8 years, but felt that I wanted a chance to explore other opportunities in the education field and realized that this was the right time and the right program to take the plunge into getting the graduate degree I had been planning on. I didn't feel like I would be able to do my best in the roles of classroom teacher and graduate student simultaneously, so I decided to take a break from K-12 education. I currently work as an instructional support specialist at Houston Community College, in the Distance Education department, which administers the LMS. It is definitely interesting to be enrolled in a 100% online degree and at the same time also get a behind