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The COVA Learning Approach

10.28.2017 Using the COVA learning approach (Thibodeaux, Cummings & Harapnuik, 2017) while being a student in this program might impact my learning in the following ways: Choice In this course, for example, I am given a personalized learning environment to discuss digital learning and leading specifically in the fields I do/would like to work in, and to choose the types of tools that I use to do so. Ownership Given the choice to investigate and follow my own learning paths, I have to assume responsibility to find reliable and credible sources of information, and also to learn how to competently and creatively use the digital tools I choose use. Voice Having the opportunity to express my own ideas and beliefs through the coursework, and discuss topics with and receive feedback from other students, I can develop my own distinct professional voice. Authenticity Having the elements of choice, ownership and voice will allow me to have authentic learning opportunitie

Growth Mindset in Technology Integration + UDL

10.20.2017 As I have read Mindset and have looked over the other course materials, I have been thinking about my mindset in terms of my education, relationships, career and other interests. I would say that I have a mixture of growth and fixed mindsets depending on the circumstances, which is what I would assume most individuals would consider themselves. I find that in areas where I am naturally more inclined or talented, I tend to want to develop my skillset and accomplish new things; I’m debating if that is completely a growth mindset or reflective of a mixture of growth and fixed mindsets.  In areas where I am less confident or feel like I have no inherent ability, I tend to have a fixed mindset and either avoid those tasks completely or try to minimize the effort I put into them i.e. it helps me “feel smart in the short run”. As I have progressed in life, I feel that I am more willing to try things that are out of my comfort zone, and am less likely to be bothered by a failure

Mindset and the message of "yet"

10.12.2017 The message of “yet” (or “not yet”) to a student tells them that are on their way, on a “path to the future”, as described by Carol Dweck . A failure or an obstacle can be looked at as an opportunity for a new beginning instead of an end. This message can allow students to adopt a growth mindset, wherein they understand that their abilities, talent and intelligence will grow (as opposed to being innate and fixed), and see effort and feedback as something that will allow them to attain mastery. In a growth mindset, feedback is not seen by the student as needless criticism (as it is in the fixed mindset), but as a opportunity to learn from past mistakes. Using that information to renew their efforts, the student may also attempt new strategies and make use of other resources in order to improve their abilities and reach their goal. The growth mindset rewards effort, strategy and progress, whereas the fixed mindset is fixated on grades, correct answers and the idea of inhe

Personal Learning Networks

11.03.2017 I joined two new PLNs for this week's assignment and discussion and will elaborate on those as well as one I already belonged to. The first one I joined is a Google+ community for New Google Sites , because I am creating my ePortfolio on New Google Sites and would like some tips and ideas on its use. I am actually very familiar with Classic Google Sites having used it for my teacher and content area site, but I disliked the dated look of the pages and the cluttered and confusing user interface, so I decided to go with the new version for my ePortfolio. What I didn’t really like about the new version, is that even though it looks great and is extremely user friendly, there are much fewer customizable elements. I was especially missing the ability to add gadgets or widgets from other websites and services, so was definitely looking for a workaround from the community. I actually did find an article posted there about how to achieve this using Google Script Editor;